Launched in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs from China and Sweden who all had one thing in common, a love for the F&B industry either through management of outlets, China wide alcohol distribution, syrup bottling and the design and marketing of spirits.

During a casual chat over a cocktail at Flair Bar in Shanghai we became curious how there could be so many vodka, gin, rum not to mention wine brands, yet so few syrup brands, as these are used in various amounts in almost every cocktail and coffee. We decided to dig a little deeper in to the wonderful world of sugary cordials only to find that while the excising companies made fine syrups they didn’t make the best there could be.

They also used packaging that looked a bit 1974; with boring colors and pictures. So this crew decided to turn everything upside down. Purchasing the best syrup there could be from a huge German syrups company, using a Chinese company to bottle it. Having a team of talented French designers making radical changes the “standard” bottle while giving the product the Swedish name “SÄRKLASS”; a name that no one could pronounce even if it meant exactly what they intended to produce, something “outstanding”.

SÄRKLASS is made in over 40 flavours and in a 0.7L, 1.1L and a 5L packaging.

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